What case size is better: L or M?
L would be better because it is more spacious and suitable for all car brands.
According to the statistics, L is buying 30% more than M.

It’s up to you what exactly will be stored in the case. The difference between size L and M is only 10 cm in width. Height and depth are the same.
There were cases when a client ordered size M car capes, but then changed his mind towards size L. Once again, by statistics, size L car capes are buying 30% more.

“elCrucce” car capes are made of high-quality European materials, which differ much from cheap Chinese counterparts. Our car capes don’t bend or break and withstand loads up to 30 kg. So you can easily hide all your unnecessary things from the car trunk.
The surface of “elCrucce” car capes is sheathed with Eco-leather, which won’t be damaged by dust, water or oil. Therefore, if, nevertheless, your car cape gets dirty, then you can easily remove the mud with a damp cloth or fiber.

“elCrucce” car capes are sheathed with a special moisture-resistant fabric inside, so if something spoils, you can easily remove it and leave the surface dry.

After you have chosen the product on our website and made the design you like, we contact you to notify that your order has been processed and into further production, and to clarify the order details if necessary.
Delivery depends on your wishes – by BelPost or the courier.

Our business is built on trust and care, and we do not take money in advance. Our clients pay ONLY after PERSONAL RECEIPT of the product, and it does not matter whether it is self-pickup from our store in Minsk or delivery by post or courier.

Yes, but under certain conditions: the file with a picture or a logo that you want to apply should be in the vector graphics editor’s digital format .cdr. If there is no such file, the development and digitization will cost from 30 RUB. The minimum amount to order is 10pcs.

Most of the covers on the market are made of pressed leather (eco-leather, leatherette, and PU), or pleather.
Our covers are made only from GENUINE ITALIAN LEATHER, as evidence – the thickness of genuine leather (1.2 mm) and the absence of hems on the edges. In the centerfold, you will see genuine leather pockets, unlike PVC pockets, spread mostly on the market.

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