Hello! Leather goods store welcomes you. We would like to tell our brand «elCrucce» history. My name is Sergey.

I have lived in search of life’s work for many years. I took on something, quickly lost interest in it, was disappointed, and took on something else. None of the businesses brought me joy.

Until one day I accidentally walked into Maxim’s store. He run a family skin production business. Our paths crossed (“elCrucce” from Spanish – crossing) and we decided to create something that will bring happiness to people, rave reviews, and words of gratitude.

This is how the idea to start with personal leather covers which would carry the owner’s character came. For this aim, we use natural Italian leather of different textures and colors. Covers are stitched manually. This is incredibly painstaking work, for the quality of which we are responsible! Then we decided to plunge completely into automobile theme and make products that bring convenience, beauty, and pleasure to everyone who has an “Iron Horse”.

We both have sons, so handing over our tanning business is already our common dream. It’s cool when you and your partner look in the same direction and already understand each other without words. New ideas come one by one. Quality, style, grace, taste, individual approach – this is what distinguishes “elCrucce” from other stores.

We will produce a gift that will remain in the memory of your loved one!

We are guided by the idea, and we are happy when our customers are happy!

With love, your “elCrucce”!

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